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A fun casino can be a very successful tool for helping you raise money for your charity, association or club. It combines fun and competition into a winning formula for raising money throughout a fundraising evening. Money can be raised in 3 main ways.

  1. Ticket sales A casino event can be sold as an exciting and glamorous evening and a higher ticket price can therefore be achieved compared to other events.
  2. Sale of fun money Fundraisers are the only events where organisers are allowed to sell fun money for real money which can then go to the good cause. You can either give guests a free coupon for some chips to start with as part of the ticket price or can sell the fun notes right from the start. In the former case it is an idea to charge a higher ticket price than in the latter.
  3. Table sponsorship It should often be possible to get at least some if not all of the casino tables sponsored by individuals or businesses. We are happy to do framed signs free of charge with names and logos of any table sponsors who are then able to get publicity for their generous act. This will of course also increase the revenue made from the casino event.


Many other ideas can be used to increase the funds raised from the casino:

  • Sell the individual numbers on a roulette wheel (0-36) and have a spin of the wheel to determine the winner of a prize. This is best done at the end after the tables are closed so as not to pull players away from other tables.
  • Businesses or individuals can be asked to donate spot prizes that can be given away throughout the evening. This tends to increase the flow of traffic to the casino as people are attracted by the idea of winning prizes, even small ones.
  • We can provide customised fun money for your event to remind guests throughout the evening that they are playing for your cause.

We will be pleased to discuss any other ideas that you think may work for you on the evening .


FULL HOUSE FUN CASINO will work with you from your first enquiry till the evening of the event to ensure that you have the right number and the right type of casino tables to maximise your revenue. Get a quote


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