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We concentrate on providing games that are simple to learn and are therefore easy to enjoy.


The classic casino game of chance. Place your bets, watch the ball spin round the wheel and trust to “Lady Luck”.


A game of luck and skill. Hit or stand and hope your score comes closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand to win, or hope the dealer goes bust and you don’t.


The game that is sweeping the world. This is the casino version where you check your cards and decide whether you wish to raise your bet or fold.


We only supply full-size casino tables and wheels which are considerably larger than the “medium” tables and wheels used by some of our competitors. These smaller tables are not “just as good” or “much the same” as full-size tables so make sure you are not being given a quote for a poorer option. These tables will obviously not be able to accommodate so many guests and there is no substitute for the look of a full- size wheel at any event. As a professional company we only do one size and that is full-size so you can always be sure of what you will get from us.


Our helpful staff will provide brief introductions to the games and advise any player who requires a reminder of the rules during the event. Our staff are technically skilled in the games that we provide but are also taught to allow guests to enjoy the experience of the event and enjoy the fun. This is after all a fun event where guests can mingle and chat as well as having an evening of friendly competition. Get a quote


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Full House Fun Casino
26F Milton Road, East Kilbride, Glasgow, G74 5BU
Email: info@fullhousecasino.co.uk
Tel: 07528654370

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